Geomendrian is a collection of 550 manually-crafted and unique NFTs built on the Solana blockchain.
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GEOMENDRIAN is a collection of 550 NFTs that are genuine and created by hand. It has been a long journey to finish this unique and inspiring collection. Finally, we are now introducing the world to a new concept in NFT Art.It all started with a clear idea in mind. Perfection is hidden in straight lines. We began our creative process based on NEAT LINES and BRIGHT COLORS. Infinite combinations that build upon time, spaces and generate emotions. Lines that intersect, dance and play with each other.These NFTs will take you to many different places and will inspire a wide variety of experiences, for instance beautifully decorating your personal spaces in the metaverse.From those that will bring you peace of mind to those that will lift you up to an atmosphere of happiness. Lines full of life! How do YOU want to live yours?


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